Tim Roth

We gather different experiences:

As a child:
Mother and I spend hours removing paint from the old rocker. A friend teaches us to cane; we weave a seat.

As a teenager:
Pottery demonstrations at the Three Rivers Arts Festival fascinate. The clay rises like magic from the wheel and transforms into a graceful vase.

As a college student:
Take any course. But registering for ceramics demands permission from the professor. In the basement of Fine Arts I explain, graduation comes but Physics offers no jobs. I need to learn a trade. Smiling at the exaggeration, he accepts me.
Learn photography from a friend in graphics. What appears when you are close, when you eliminate grays leaving just black and white?

As a parent:
Jennifer likes pottery and asks for a wheel. We build one and make some pots. Not unexpectedly, I do most of the building and make most of the pots.
Stephan makes a mixed media clay figure with a stick as a staff. What media can I mix? I try childhood caning, student photography and pottery. The combination works.

As an unemployed:
Consider the unreasonable, making a living as a potter. Yes, it is unreasonable.

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