Food Vendor Rules and Regulations


1.         The food vendor is responsible for carrying insurance covering the loss or damage of any food, equipment, etc. that relates to their setup at A Fair in the Park (hereafter referred to as AFIP or the Fair).  AFIP or the Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh (hereafter referred to as CGP) accepts no liability for food vendor’s property or products.

2.         The food vendor is required to provide proof of insurance for its operations at AFIP.  The insurance must include the following provisions:

a.     This certificate must be on file with the AFIP Director 30 days prior to AFIP.

b.     Minimum limit of Commercial General Liability $300,000 per occurrence, $1 million aggregate.

c.     Minimum limit of Products/Completed Operations $300,000 per occurrence, $1 million aggregate.

d.     A Fair in the Park and the Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh to be named as additional insured.

3.         The AFIP Committee reserves the right to place all Food Vendors on site.  Tables and seating for patrons WILL be provided.

4.         If you use a tent for your concession, be prepared with a separation layer, such as carpeting, plywood, or tarpaper to keep food and workers out of the mud and/or dirt.

5.         The food vendor agrees that the AFIP Committee reserves the right to remove any food not of the type and quality submitted on application.  If the violation is not immediately corrected, vendor will forfeit the space and the fee paid for said space.  All approved food items on application must be available for sale.

6.         A menu and price schedule must be submitted to the AFIP Committee for review.  These items must be listed on the application form.  Prices will be closely monitored.  Prices submitted on the application must be maintained unless advance permission to adjust the prices is obtained from the AFIP Committee prior to August 13.  Food prices must be prominently displayed on your booth for customers to view.  Prices must be readable from a distance of 10 feet.

7.         Every effort will be made by the AFIP Committee to keep food offerings diverse between vendors with no duplication.  Thereby providing AFIP patrons with a variety from which to choose, and food vendors with a greater profit.

8.         The food vendor agrees to dress appropriately for food service.  Al food service workers should be clean and neat.  All food vendors and/or workers are required to use utensils or wear gloves when handling food at AFIP.  Hair must be off the collar by use of nets, hats or restraints.

9.         All food vendors must be open and ready to serve food at the starting house of each day of AFIP and remain operating until the final closing house of each day.  It is the food vendors’ responsibility to have enough food on hand or get more should the food vendor run out.  Fair hours: Friday, Sept. 9 from 1pm-7pm – Saturday, Sept. 10 from 10am-7pm – Sunday, Sept. 11 from 10am-5pm.

10.      Vendors are responsible for removal and clean up of their own trash daily.

11.      Food vendors will be inspected by the Allegheny Co. Health Dept.  All food vendors must, by PA law, have a “Certified Food Protection” employee on site and certificate must be displayed within the booth.

12.      Improper behavior or language within the booth area is unacceptable.  The food vendor is responsible for the conduct and safety of all persons within the booth. 

13.      Food vendors and/or workers are not permitted to solicit tips from patrons.

14.      Parking for vendor/worker automobiles during AFIP hours is free.  You will be advised where to park at a later date. 

15.      Set-up time for food vendors is Friday morning, September 9, 2016.  If accepted, you’ll be assigned a time window and further load in information.  Food vendors are required to go to the check-in area before set-up.

16.      In the event that you cancel your participation, no refund will be given.

17.      Beginning on the first day of AFIP and continuing through the three days of AFIP, vehicles will be permitted to drive into the AFIP site to unload supplies and materials each morning prior to AFIP opening to the public.  All supply vehicles must be removed from the AFIP site no later than 30 minutes prior to the opening of AFIP.

18.      Unloading of all equipment and materials to individual food booths shall be the sole responsibility of the food vendor.  Staff and volunteers will NOT be available to assist.

19.      No alcohol is to be consumed by food vendors and/or workers during AFIP.

20.      Food vendors are reminded to provide necessary money for change during the duration of AFIP.  The AFIP Committee will not be able to provide change to food vendors.

21.      Advertising within the park via signs, barking, or by any means other than professional looking signs places within and on the booth, is not permitted.

22.      The food vendor also agrees that any failure to follow the rules, regulations, and specifications as established by the Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh for A Fair in the Park, may cause the food vendor to lose or forfeit the space at AFIP without the return of the fee paid for said space.

23.      The food vendor agrees to forever release, discharge and hold harmless, defend and indemnify CGP, AFIP, its’ sponsors, agents, representatives, and staff from all actions, suits, damages, in law or in equity, and/or claims whatsoever arising from any loss or damage to any property or person of the undersigned or to any other person or property which may arise from the food vendor’s participation in AFIP.