Chris Bergman

Following in the tradition of quilting as an American folk art, I take the concept of traditional quilting and patchwork design and create contemporary clothing designs. My original jackets may have hundreds of individual pieces all arranged and sewn in a precise, complicated pattern. Often a jacket will feature many different techniques: embroidery, appliqué, free-motion quilting, couching, beading, slashing and other fiber manipulations that provide texture to the finished garment. I begin by cutting my patterns and testing them for size. To create each jacket I must: prepare the fabrics, cut the pieces and execute the patchwork, sew and slash the fabrics to create texture, quilt the pieces using the free motion technique, and apply couching. The result is a piece of wearable art! I create each jacket individually myself without a quilting machine or computer programs. I have received many awards for my work exhibited at Fair in the Park and Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh and others from exhibits in several other states. I have also been exhibited in art shows, most recently the Illusions Exhibit at the Center for the Arts sponsored by the Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh.