Please contact our Fair Director Carrie Nardini for any questions comments or concerns:


Rules on Participation

  1.  All booths must be set up for the full length of A Fair in the Park.
  2. Vehicles are NOT permitted on the grounds of A Fair in the Park during advertised public event hours. Vehicles are permitted on the paved walkways throughout the park during load in and load out. Vehicles are NOT permitted to park on the grass during load in and load out. 
  3.  All work must be conceived, designed, and executed by the participating artist. The artist whose work is on exhibit and for sale must be present for all three (3) days of the show.
  4. An application is a commitment to show. No refunds will be given after the acceptance notice is sent, or the booth fee is remitted.
  5. Agents, dealers, production studios or vendors of commercial or mass produced items are not permitted.
  6. Photo mechanical (offset), giclee or other reproductions may not exceed 25% of the work offered for sale and must be clearly signed and numbered in such a way that leaves no doubt they are reproductions.
  7. Any accepted artist who does not notify A Fair staff in advance of cancellation may not be accepted into future A Fair shows.
  8. Artists that fail to cooperate with A Fair committee or follow the rules of participation as set forth in this application will not be accepted into future A Fair shows.
  9. Exhibitor may not bring pets to the Festival.
  10. The Exhibitor agrees to carry insurance covering the loss or damage of any piece of art, equipment and other supplies that relate to the display.
  11. Images of artwork and the short bio/artist’s statement will be posted on the A Fair website, and may be used for promotional purposes.
  12. A $35 fee is charged each time a check is returned by your bank.
  13. REMINDER - Only artists who have been accepted in the jewelry category may display or sell jewelry of any kind during the Fair.

Application Procedures & Special Circumstances

Display and Booths. Each artist is responsible for providing her/his own booth or display unit. We recommend that these units have provisions for inclement weather. Shelter is not available in the park. Electricity is not provided for lighting and generators are not permitted. 

Artists may apply for an 10’X10’ space only.
Booth fees are $395.00 and corner spaces are $445.00.

  • Multiple Media. Each artist may exhibit work only in the medium for which they have been accepted. To exhibit work in more than one medium, an artist must submit four (4) images in each category of work, one booth shot image and include a $25 application fee for each category. Only artists who have been accepted in the jewelry category may display or sell jewelry during A Fair in the Park. For example, a potter wishing to sell jewelry must apply in both the ceramic and the jewelry categories. 
  • Booth Location. A Fair considers an artist's choice of booth location if the artist has a handicap or physical disability that prevents them from accessing certain areas of the park.

Accepted Categories

  • Clay
  • Fiber
  • Glass 
  • Jewelry  
  • Metal
  • Mixed-Media
  • Wood
  • 2D Visual Arts (including but not limited to Photography, Etchings, Lithographs, Silkscreens and Paintings).  

 *Any artist (including CGP members) displaying jewelry without having juried into the jewelry category will be asked to remove it.*

*All work exhibited must be original artwork produced by the artist. Items that will NOT be accepted include work produced from kits, molds or commercial patterns. Also not accepted are buy-sell, mass produced items and crafts such as flower arrangements, soap, candles, origami, decoupage, etc.*

*A Fair in the Park committee and the Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh assume no responsibility for loss or damage to work, or liability for any transaction or incident. Each applicant assumes complete responsibility for installing, protecting, handling, selling, and removing all exhibitions on a daily basis. Exhibitors are responsible for collection and payment of PA and City of Pittsburgh sales taxes, and the City of Pittsburgh EMS Tax where applicable ($52). The Committee reserves the right to restrict some craft categories and to request the removal of unsuitable work at any time prior to or during the fair. Picture ID may be requested. Vehicles will not be permitted on the park grounds during the advertised hours of the event.*